Growing up I always wanted to become a professional dancer. Moving to NYC, become a Radio City Rockette and just dance until my body couldn’t take it on anymore.I would then become a dance teacher and maybe even open up my own studio to continue sharing what I loved with other kids and hopefully inspire them the way I had been.

Once I got into high school the dream started setting in and I realized college would probably be the best for me, realistically, while the concept of a dance studio would always still be there once I graduated from college. Coming into UC exploratory, I came to found out more about DAAP which I ended up very passionate towards! Communication design seemed a great fit as I have always found myself to be more creative while enjoying the arts. Once I transferred in for my second year I could not be more excited; finally being surrounded by people who were similar to me, had similar passions and goals. Throughout my years at DAAP I have grown a passion towards my major! I think different, speak different and have matured to prepare for the real corporate world.

Although my passion of dance will forever stand, I have now found a second passion in graphic design where I can express myself through art and creativity. Creating a story through logos, brands, typography, etc. My dream job still consists of NYC, but now I feel as if I can successfully enjoy my career in graphics in my dream city.

Just another designer here to make things look prettier!