Reflecting on this past week has been a whirlwind. Jumping straight into classes, overwhelmed with loads of homework and trying to understand how to motivate myself through online courses; worst of all is that it’s summer! This semesters line-up of classes gives little wiggle room for outside activity, although I do see myself finding a way to take my classes outside so I can be sun-kissed!

Throughout my 4 years in DAAP, I have gained an experience I never believed could be possible! Being challenged creatively, mentally, and pushed to be the best designer I can be. I’ve come to find my main interests in design through the help of classes and co-ops such as my interest in typography. Renee challeneged me more than any professor ever has and although it was difficult at the time, it was also the greatest blessing! I have never learned so much from one course! Another interest I have is the concept of packaging, branding and social media-based graphics. My first co-op involved all of these core topics and I loved it which is why I would like to include it in my final capstone! Although I have NO IDEA what I would like to do for my capstone topic, at least I have an idea how I would like to portray the concept.

Just another designer here to make things look prettier!